Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pepper Lunch at last!

This Saturday is great, I went to the office for a couple of hours after Azrael and I had a Filipino breakfast at Jollibee and he waited for me until I finished all my missions.

We walked to Shangri-la, browsed some books and decided to head over to Rockwell. I have been waiting to dine at Pepper Lunch in Powerplant Mall and today it finally happened.

Azrael was very curious of how the food is served, we stood outside the place watching the LCD screen as it showed how each meal must be prepared. It's do-it-yourself and everyone must flip the food over and mix all ingredients to get a satisfying pepper lunch! :)

It was our first time so we just ordered Beef Pepper Lunch with extra beef and Azrael had Curry Beef Pepper Lunch. The food was served on an electro magnetic plate and there's a sense of urgency that one has to mix it all up and flip over the meat. We enjoyed cooking our pepper lunch!

I just had to order the Matcha cheesecake, I love Matcha green tea which is being sold in Pearl Drive, now I know Matcha is also good on cake.

We cannot wait to try the other meals, my next mission is to devour their steaks and the chicken Teriyaki.