Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It felt like a century of not seeing my friends and finally, we all got together to sit down and talk about our so-called lives! :)

We had different stories to tell, and it was great to know that all of us are doing well - traveling, doing things we love, and overcoming little hurdles. It was just like yesterday when all we cared about are grades and where to get lunch or hang out.

Dinner at Cafe Meditteranean, night cap at Laiya grill, few drinks called Good Trip and 50/50, overnight at Lian's place - it was so fun! Everyday it's like I am having the time of my life and now that my friends are here, it could only get better.

We missed Miki though who is in Las Vegas, we miss you so much Miki! :)

Note: the boys are the girl's respective boyfriends, Azrael missing - shopping.