Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner and Coffee with Senator Mar Roxas

And I thought today was going to be a slow day until dinner with Senator Mar Roxas. Over a wonderful spread at the "Balay Roxas", everyone discussed various issues from the Reproductive Health Bill, education, peace in Mindanao, corruption, plans for 2010, to movies and even his love life.

mar roxasMy Ivarluski Aseron dress (for F&H) with Senator Mar Roxas

It was my first time to meet him and If I may describe him, he is a man of reason, patient, well-rounded, opinionated and firm. He was open to all questions - even the controversial ones and answered them based on facts. During coffee, it sounded like a debate was going on as heavier issues were discussed.

I am honored to be sitting with the Filipino Voices who were all knowledgeable and opinionated about current issues, even political history and the law. They made the casual conversation very insightful and challenging.

I also met Mr. Bobby Capco and Richard Vargas who I want to thank for arranging a mini-interview with me and Senator Roxas :) Watch out for it on Style and Relax and find out how the could-be President for 2010 winds down after a hectic day at the senate.

We all had a great time and I hope Senator Mar Roxas also did. While traveling home I couldn't stop thinking of all the problems our country face that I just hope God will come soon to save all of us from power-trippers, corrupt persons, unfair practices, and inequality. Yet, we are all instruments of Him so let's believe we can still do something and not lose dear hope. Wishing that Filipinos can exercise their right to vote on 2010... cheers!


Kevin Ray said...

Wow! I was invited kaso midterm kasi namin on that date eh.

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Suzaku Lace said...

Hi! Kevin, Richard told me about you :) Will check out your site and thanks for dropping by!