Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for me?

I am having a great time with everything! Pouring more time to Style and Relax, and thank you so much for all the opportunities to mingle in fabulous events, shows, and workshops.

Please do visit the Style and Relax Blog and the Style and Relax Shop as well.

I have been having nightmares that I am back sitting on an office chair, yes and good thing I wake up to my new reality where everything I do is for genuine LOVE and PASSION.

A good lesson I'd love to share is to let go, and let God. Without you knowing it, you'll see the real intention of people around you! In times of challenge, it pays to keep quiet and observe. Whatever you let go of will come back if it's meant to be.

I am sitting back and enjoying the show.



Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

The fringe is really a good idea! Your best photo so far!

Suzaku Lace said...

thank you! that was taken by liza as I was tying my shoe.

Andre said...


Wahahaha proud ako sa ginawa mo! Go lang, keep doing what you love to do! Screw the rat race; even if you do win it, you're still a rat.

So kung talagang kaya mong mag-establish ng trabaho that has something to do with your passions, do it!

You're doing great!

Suzaku Lace said...


salamat dude!

Lace FTW haha :)