Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is not a Starbucks Pose

Starbucks' branch at rockwell held a coffee appreciation workshop exclusively for It was all worth the traffic and the Friday chaos!

Loads of cakes and coffee of different origins and blends- Sumatra, Colombia, and Cafe Estima. Sarah of Rustan Coffee taught everyone how to pair coffee with desserts, the right way to sip or slurp, and how to bring out that perfect aroma.

My choice of the night was Sumatra which was a bit thicker and full than Colombia and it was perfect for the Chocolate Chantil Cake.

All the coffee and sugar electrified everyone, Starbucks was filled with friendly introductions, chats, and socializing over mugs and dessert plates. Coffee can turn any wallflower into a chatterbox!

Thank you so much to and Starbucks for hosting this magnificent coffee night. We all enjoyed and look forward to more cups!


adjutant08 said...

just wondrin with your title for this did u mean starbucks POST?? or is the word pose intentional??

Suzaku Lace said...

starbucks pose intentionally :)

there's this thing called starbucks pose where people pose with their starbucks cups/mugs to look sosyal and post it in friendster.

Learned it from