Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great time at Hermanos Tapas & Deli Bar

Last night we traveled all the way to Julia Vargas to meet food bloggers at the new Hermanos Tapas & Deli Bar. The crew of QTube were present too as they wanted to feature food bloggers, and I got interviewed by Qtube host Andy (the guy). Andi9 interviewed my friend Fran, watch out for the Hermanos feature on Qtube every Thursday :)

Anyway, the food, wine, ambiance were all great especially shared with friends. Jane was there with her lovey-dovey Christian and Paul - Fran's sweetheart. Our table was filled with hearty conversations and I missed Azrael who arrived late as usual. He came from another event for Animax.

I'll write more about Hermanos at Style and Relax and share my very own photos there.
UPDATE: check out

Here's a glimpse of what we had:

USA Tapa

Thank you to Manny, the man behind Hermanos and to Azrael's good friend Spanky :)

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