Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lace and Liza's Day Out

Yesterday I had a series of occasions to attend and one of them was Jollibee's official turnover of their 18 million donation to charities at the Manila Ocean Park. Liza, my not-so little sister anymore loves Jollibee like everybody else. Her class was not until 1pm meaning she could hop in with us to the function.

Here we are having fun at the photo booth during the event:

Liza says it's her first blog event and wants to keep the photo as her souvenir. sweet! Inside the Manila Ocean Park, we took several photos of ourselves. Two blogging sisters working it, we could only wish our big sister Joni was also there. We had so much fun and laughs watching Jollibee and kids who were very happy to receive help and their own Jollibee dolls :)

Doing my silly "flying" trick but this time I pretend to be "swimming"

With Azrael our photographer

It was our second time at the Manila Ocean Park but we had better photos now. Liza then decided to skip class and just drop by to claim a book or something at school heehee :) We had to part ways since I have another task at Rockwell.

Last night was the Adidas launch of the Stella McCartney collection, I got to see and touch the new items yey! If only I had extra money I'd get this jacket which I could use on my future trips.

Then I had to go early even before the fashion show started but I wish I had stayed or hopped to another fashionable occasion somewhere up north. Oohh I wish I have a plane or a clone so I can be everywhere!!!!

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