Thursday, April 09, 2009

Krispy Kreme Donut Shortage in Megamall

At Krispy Kreme Megamall today, donuts were running out of stock at around 8.00PM. I went there with Azrael to eat some Chocolate Karnival donuts but it seems that many are also addicted to it now! :)

My video blog (pretending to be a news reporter at the beginning)

Yes, I get silly sometimes too! :p Look at how serious and affected I look because of a shortage in donuts x.x

People lined up and wished that they get the 5 remaining Chocolate Glazed donuts until the man in front of me bought them all. People behind me said "awww" in chorus. Only original glazed donuts were now available. The staff said that they are also experiencing sold out Chocolate Karnival donuts in other branches. I even planned to go to Mall of Asia Krispy Kreme just to eat them chocolate covered goodies.

Then I asked the waiter if more donuts will arrive soon as the manager seems to be on the phone talking to other branches. The staff said that donuts won't make it on time and that they did not expect this many people to be craving for Krispy Kreme on a Holy Week. I kept on peeking inside the donut factory to find out if donuts have arrived or are being baked. And looks like the manager noticed! He went up to me and said there are still some remaining donuts and he wants me to bring them home, for FREE! yey!

Thank you Krispy Kreme, you never fail to make a little girl happy *mwah*

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