Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spinning Around

Party at Coconut Palace with Az

Hello! Mabuhay! Finally I have the energy to write over here at my personal blog. StyleandRelax.net is becoming more promising each day. I've just made 2 advertising deals and more businesses are trying to get in touch. Some want to be featured, reviewed, or just make friends which is great! :) Now I have a spark of hope that maybe, I can do what I love forever... hopefully so.

Working with Tough Jeans

Today I visited Tough Jeans and had fun dressing up the staff, taking photos, telling people how to pose, and interviewing Joy the store manager. We moved around things and clothes all over the store, everyone was energetic. Who wouldn't be excited with their stylish inventory of jeans? I want all the pairs of Tough Jeans in the world.

FitFlops Mallxercise

Weeks before that I found myself trying out FitFlops which I am now addicted on. I can't wait to get my own pair of Aurelia Gladiator Fitflops, I hope there's a pair available in Australia or maybe in the US.

Then here I am resting with a Mojito, thank you T.G.I Friday's! They have a promo now that will give you more excuses to party on a weekday.

Bio Essence Serenity Spa

My mini project with beauty bloggers at Bio Essence was also a success. This is the first time StyleandRelax.net partnered with a spa to have services reviewed by a group of bloggers. Everyone went home pampered with diamond peels, massages, and facials. I'm planning more activities and hope that they also push through :D

Liza is also on vacation so we have more fun together outside and at home. Look at our silly Krispy Kreme photo:

Till the next spin! :D

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