Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meet my new friends from Sydney

Circular Quay, Sydney - with Azrael *lol*

And all I want is a friend to travel and eat lots of food with! I get homesick everyday yet photos like these remind me of what being far away is all about. The last plane ride I took yesterday was terrible. Lots of clouds, plane's lights were reflecting on them and you'd easily mistake it for sparking engines or whatsoever. Ooh I thought I was going to die.

Melbourne at 40,000 ft was engulfed with dark fog, pollution rather. It was 10 degrees cold when we landed. Feels like flying subtracts 10 years or so in my lifespan. Oh well.

Sydney this time was worth the flight. Look at these furry friends saying hello.

This is not a souvenir toy.

When I get back in Manila, I shall be back to my own state like these lazy kangaroos:

Mga tamad!

satisfied, relaxed, or jumping around.

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