Friday, May 22, 2009

Sovereign Hills

Woke up extra early today for this trip today to Sovereign Hills. And oh was it worth it! I felt like I was inside a book, or a movie where there are gorgeous looking horses, carriages, ladies that remind me of Jane Austen, and everything Victorian!

My sister Joni said I should wear my new Ralph Lauren marching band tee, which I had to plead for and ask my mom to purchase for me. I have never been so correctly dressed for an occasion. Along the way, I bumped into these guys.

Then we had lunch at New York Cafe. Plates, interiors, and even the staff were historically dressed. Tito Eric and I ordered Beef Curry (we love Indian food). Liza had bolognee, mama just had a creamy rich potato soup.

Mama and Me

Beef Curry Yummeh

Sovereign Hill is a town that revolves around gold mining. Mama was so excited by this fact and tried her luck in finding/sifting gold. Also, a goldsmith showed us how gold is melted and turned into bars.

Mama and me looking for a big gold nugget!

Tito Eric trying his luck

Cute goldsmith

There was also a Chinese little town inside, reminds me of Tamahome. You can enter the little houses and tents as well. After the long walks, we settled into a nice spot with a refreshing view. Enjoying lattes, hot chocolates, donuts, and chips.

Inside a chinese grocery

Me and Tito Eric camping

Again, all thanks to Tito Eric who lurves country side driving. We've been to so many places already! :)

Everyone had a great memorable time

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