Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Awesome how an old relationship can be crushed to pieces in 2 months. It has happened to me before and I know each and every step by heart.

I want to shout out to my friends who only talked to me and nobody else, never published anything, or even got in between any couple. I know it's hard for them now because the limelight has been shed to them when in fact, I know we discussed everything in person. If there is a gossiper, definitely it's not any of my friends. They never made noise in plurk we were discussing everything over a cup of coffee, decently and discreetly in a coffee shop. We actually meet each other often while shopping, etc.

Everything was alright until this afternoon and, it is not in my nature to compete with someone not in the same bracket. Like a mouse, they played with my cheese while I am away. Now my cheese is all crooked, it doesn't taste the same.

Even while I was dating this week someone has been texting my date to ruin the moment. You can have what you like, because I already spit it out. I am not running out of time and I will never do anything like that. You can say bad things about me but leave my friends alone, I won't get you, but karma will.

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