Monday, September 28, 2009

2AM Two Days after Ondoy

I still cannot sleep properly with images inside my head of the tragedy that was. I just finished raiding my closet and toiletries that I will deliver later to one of the drop off points for Ondoy victims.

I have an exam later at 9AM and after that, I might volunteer somewhere to help sort goods or whatever. This disaster is huge, unimaginable, and the worst I have seen in my life. Lots of people are still stuck in their roof, no food and water, and after this, they have nothing.

I especially feel terrible for the poor who has yet to survive this when they already have nothing to begin with. If you think you have nothing to give, think again. You can donate lots of things or simply your time. Get others to move and help, we cannot depend on anyone else now but ourselves. I pray to God that whatever lesson we have to learn from here, we should remember so that this does not need to happen again. I am very mad at the negligence of both the government and public with the water system and garbage but this is not the time to blame or point fingers though.

See you at the evacuation centers.

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