Saturday, September 05, 2009

Like an Ipo-Ipo

St. Paul School Makati instant Reunion. My new PR Manager, stylist, business partner, etc - Mark Lamer

Ipo-ipo or hurricane, that's what my days are like these days. Like what I always say, when I plan - fate beats the hell out of me. Yesterday was one of those days that I didn't expect to be super busy. I had events to attend in Makati, an instant interview, and a meeting over a midnight latte. My day ended at UCC with a heap of tapsilog. Not complaining here but I am proud I am accomplishing so many things at once.

Tonight I met one of my childhood dreams, Rajo Laurel and because it wasn't expected my phone died on me. Had to borrow a video phone to commence my video blog with him. Before that, I tried a new eatery in Ortigas and ran to Eastwood City.

Weee! This could go on forever but just to give you a glimpse of what life puts on my plate these days. Lots of surprises and dreams coming true. Hope all of you are good as well.

Visit, the reason why I am slaving myself to death. I also wish I have my own professional photographer so all my photos look great in the right angle x.x

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