Saturday, October 10, 2009

Over and Done!

Hello earthlings, my dreaded day is finally over. I like raffle draws but not competition, it makes me feel really awkward and I am paranoid someone is always watching my reaction to things. Especially a lot of old nemesis, when I say old - I mean really old for my age. was a finalist for this year's Philippine Blog Awards. I was excited for the awards night to be with other fashion bloggers and none of us really expected to win. Dhon and I just wanted everything like to be over because we were both feeling awkward. We clapped for all the finalists including our own fashion blogs and our forecasted blog won. We met the winner for the Fashion Blog of the Year after the event and I felt great that at least we all know each other and clearly - there is no issue that others can draw from our own little fashion world except that all of us are blessed with beautiful faces, yes.

Surely, the event was fun but also drained me and my silver ruffles. I had to bring friends along to a nearby "tapsilogan" in Timog. Right now, sorry but I prefer cheap diners as in no airconditioning, siomai siopao mami places. I am thrilled at how much you can fill yourself up with a hundred pesos and leave with a wide satisfied smile (and waist).

Finally I have the means to go around and shop! You can have women but your money is mine! woot! I saw his plurk this morning and someone has been incessantly replying with "hi po..." like eeeew. What the? another poser who wants to attend events? good luck dear!

I love how this blog is going back to its roots, real and unfiltered words from my brain.

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