Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One day at Salcedo

I pushed hard for us to have one Saturday morning at the Salcedo market. I haven't gone there and wanted to experience this with my sisters and Anya, of course my own mini family with the boys - Azrael and Ashton.

We got overwhelmed with all the food displayed in endless stalls. Cotton candies, taho, and yogurt were also on wheels circling the market.

Anya and Liza

Before buying anything else, I promised Anya that we'll have some popsicles.

My sister Joni reunited with Taho

Joni and Liza ended up getting barbecues, I got a spinach lasagna. They also tried some takoyakis which were too hot to eat, I never got a taste of it. We then headed to the park for lunch.

Lots of tables and dining area, but I brought Anya to the playground first.

Here's Anya with Kuya Bernard "because he can push higher" than me.

And then we enjoyed lunch, Joni and Anya were so hot because they came from the bottom of the earth. Both were turning red already so we headed to Shangri-la mall.

I wish everyday was like this, going places and burning money.

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