Monday, January 24, 2005

picture my day

Yay! Today we finished our presentation for e-marketing. It went well and the prof seems to like the outcome of my sleepless nights. I could have done better if I weren’t sick. But shit happens and its good that I’m feeling a little better now. I could hardly breath for the last two days, there was a phlegm factory inside of me and the chimneys are causing me to be feverish. I was jittering on my way to school and I was hot when I took the quiz. I barely reviewed my taxation book and I know I already have one item wrong d-r-a-t. not that im getting addicted to my grades, I want to do well this term, this is the last before OJT.

Speaking of, you are seeing our graduation pictures down there. Mine definitely doesn’t look like me, it doesn’t reflect my personality… haha, so much for grad pics. But can’t stop thinking about it, I mean all my people and my love of my life year 2002-2004 will see that picture and it doesn’t say what I want it to say. Anyway, I’m better live as usual =p

Im going to get a lot of sleep today because I’m just starting to get well and I have to catch up with the normal sleeping time of humans. I bow to my beloved shandie for doing well in her new job, graveyard time slot but it pays off well.

Patience is the word of the week. I did not bite my sister’s head off when I learned she’s exploring my account, I was able to finish my presentation and so on. And now!!! All my netcards are like vacuumed and I realized that psycho must have used them since the windows desktop is accessible too through other accounts. I was able to learn some flashing (not that flash, but macromedia’s) and I managed to create some output. It’s a neat software to have but if you’re not ready to do some head pounding then better stay away from it. I’m going to explore it more on my free time, and next is dream weaver.. I got it somehow but I wasn’t able to use it for my project. And the video editing softwares are chicken, except adobe since I havent installed the thing yet. But im going to get em all I swear.
Bangkok! Here we come.

Yes! We are going to Bangkok on Feb. 17-20 but I haven’t told my mom yet. Maybe I’ll request it as a birthday present. We’re just waiting for the email from the teacher so that I can give it to mom and ask for the shing shing. I deeply and sincerely wish that she’d let me go to Bangkok. It’ll be fun, yay! If she wont let me, awww… but im being positive, what’s not to like about your daughter doing academic field work right?
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