Thursday, January 20, 2005

2 hours before workout

yey! im home.. im full of ideas today. first, i woke up and fixed my videocam so that it can be detected by my pc. I use my pc to edit videos and transfer them to vcds or dvds. and since it worked, i got an idea to put up some signs and send some mails for video transfer services. weee!!! haha ^^ and then while i was waiting for vincent to pick me up, i went to UM and started some accounts for the website of my so-called venture. i wont lose anything by trying right...haha and i also did my marketing efforts in school, i talked to some friends and blockmates of the service im offering, and i added that i might include editing as another product but i think i have to learn more and play with some softwares before i can do that. Like i was saying to sousuke awhile ago, i told him i still have plenty of time to setup since i have no clients yet. Then when vincent came, we talked about upgrading and optimizing my IBM laptop and then i told him my plans on buying a new PC. i was so hyped up i got hungry and Bong, vincent's friend was talking about spam and we were so noisy in the car. Riding with them is fun and traffic seems to disappear.

I have more business ideas that just sprung up today, i better list them down after my workout. I just ate scallops, tocino and a little bit of rice. Mom was proud of her scallops recipe and so i had to sit down and eat at the dinner table. I decided not to eat my usual peanut butter combo meal. i also ate plain noodles at chowking for lunch... and a chicken burger for snack..haha, i ate a lot today because my schedule got twisted. i was very excited with my videocam that i left the house forgetting about lunch and so i had to eat with andrea and lian to chowking. Then i had to hang out with Lala and Andrea after class because i had to wait for vincent, there goes the chicken burger. Anyway, im so happy today and i dont know why. hahaha.. we dont have any quizzes for tomorrow but i have to wake up at 6am if i want to ride with vincent to school.

Service audits.. as we want to call them, are coming up. it's just the time we spend dining out and rating the food and service of the restaurants. Still trying to schedule with the gang but i wish to see a lot of people i havent seen for awhile but my schedule is like a jungle and my wallet is not that flat but i have to have a reservoir. haha ^^

I bought a new cd of Maroon 5, finally.. its my workout cd tonight and i think i better logout because im wasting precious net seconds by just typing here. ^^

photos.. none for today ^^