Wednesday, February 02, 2005

oh yes

Yes! im going to Bangkok afterall... i think if people continue doing this to me, im going to be screwed a lot, they put me in an emotional and psychological roller coaster. but it's sooo great today, im still in the nirvanic disposition and im feeling weak still but this day was a happy one. i saw Azrael after my 5 days of rest and pondering. i ate my favorite cake and cinnamon roll, have to work it off though in two hours. maybe i was celebrating unconsciously, the fact that i have a trip yey. im going to miss my beloved shandie because we went to Singapore together a year ago and we did a lot of fun and adventurous things, we end up fighting sometimes but like any other couple we make up beore going to sleep and laugh our exhaustion away. i'll keep this short, i have a nice kodak (samsung, rather) moment down here. that's in red ribbon after consuming my cake and cinnamon*, im a happy girl.

*served with hot tea but oh man!!! they served me Lipton brisk tea with no milk and u even have to ask for additional hot water ^^;
better learn from sugarhouse.