Thursday, March 17, 2005

goodmorning manila

And to kick things off we light a marlboro.
Not the green one because Edward says its “pamputa” haha peace.
Yup im early here in school and my third home UM has once again
opened her arms to sleepy students who don’t want to wait in school.

I like it here in Netopia because they have headphones, coolness. unlike the one beside it with crappy monitors, but go there if u want to save up but today, I want to wait in luxury.

Midnight FM

And last night was fun and shitty at the same time. we were working on a rels presentation and lian and I were having fun with my headset. It’s good I found my mp3s again and I played DJ last night for the two of us, plus I sang my stress away online. I wish all of us would get a mic so we can have an online song shagging.

Image hosted by

thats me after giving birth.. bloody no. that's cleopatra by stanzione, massimo


It looks so cool and I placed a lot of Byzantine paintings on the powerpoint. It has this dark and gothic theme even when our report is about justice and something about bishops. I also encountered some readings from the religious people but I haven’t read them all. They are quiet interesting and they have some truths in it. I am deeply fascinated by their views and yup I agree, can’t hardly wait to get out of this sinful world..kidding. my sarcasm is attacking ones again so beware. It’s one of those days that I want to be alone and everyone seems to irritate me. It’s just me and the pc and the worldwide web. Cool.

My resume

Is missing. And so I have to make one later. I don’t even know how I can go to the offices. I am targeting two callcenters just to be sure. And tomorrow SHOULD be serious job hunting.