Friday, March 18, 2005

the biggest loser

--the tv show was great! ahahaha... i watched it for the first time awhile ago and it was just after the sports illustrated model search. the two programs were pushing me to lose weight and start moving again.. ahahaha... *yawns* im too lazy, but will start tomorrow ahahaha ^___^ i just ate a half of a 10" pizza from yellowcab, it was hmm great somehow but id rather eat it at home while watching a movie but i like it warm so its ok. maybe that would be my last pizza for 3 me on this part, haha. TGIF! and thank God this day is over... this week spelled stress and it was a hell of a week. i can't imagine how i survived it and thank God its holy week next week. yey! i will have a lot of days that i can sleep through weeee!!!!!! and boredom is yet again my bestfriend. but its cool since i can save money and pay my upcoming bill. my sister was asking me to pay interest when i paid a lot sooner *because she was charged since she wasnt able to pay her part* but duh??? why would i pay that too? i dont pooh out money from my ass. anyway, whew... i want everything to be over, hmmm... i just want to get through this month already and the next and the next until i finally die.. ahahaha.. whew.. this is fun, scribbling here and there without much thinking and i know i sound crazy and insane ahahaha but who cares, im so excited to get over it all!!!! yey!!!! and tonight was fun, vincent and i were singing drunk songs * go figure * and we were both outta tune.. weee... coolness.. i miss my NU days but i recently switched back to that station again. anyway, up to here first.. i feel so uneasy and a little sick, i feel like i want to puke because there are a lot of things inside me id rather ignore and just go ahead with my life, take it day by day as they say. ahaha.. cheers!