Saturday, March 05, 2005

on the way to Antipolo

hello earthlings. im going to antipolo today and im waiting here in UM for the bus to arrive. Breakfast was great at Mcdonald's, i fought my way to get the last pancakes. there was only one box remaining and i prayed dearly that i be the one to devour them, and yey! my wish came true. After the breakfast, i went to school because i want to see myself in the mirror, haha. BUT they wouldnt let me in because im wearing my shorts, my bart simpson tshirt and slippers like i dragged myself out of bed. so i walked here to UM and find something to do while waiting. i forgot to bring a lot of things like my jacket, my bath towel and my baby pictures. nyahahaha.... i'll just sit there under the tree and go to sleep. i havent gone there but i want to go home already, there's no internet connection there or even an accessible pc for the students. they said the food tastes bad, like retreat food everywhere else so i brought two big instant noodles. we will also climb our way up to the retreat house and i wish my slippers wont give up on all the walking and i pray that i won't trip a gazillion times.
Trip to PUP yesterday
the students there look kind and they are simple and warm just like paulinians... haha. anyway, Azrael gave a lecture there together with Ed Lingao who had a million fans out there. Lucky for us it finished early and it was a different world really, there were intermission numbers and the students are not shy. they gave us food to eat, to Azrael's delight of course. It was my first time to eat a KFC go-go sandwich and it tasted good. haha. i had a difficult time looking for the restroom and unforunately, it wasnt cleaned yet maybe because it was the end of the day already and one student said they didnt have water.
it's almost 11 so i better finish this, i'll meet andrea and lian at jolli-bug haha, they want lunch there but i think i'll pass since i just ate pancakes. there you go, i'll pray for everybody while in my retreat haha.


lianne said...

pass pala ha! anong tawag mo dun sa chix and spag??! matakaw!! lolz

suzaku_lace said...

eh dude tingan mo ung time nyan.. haha i changed my mind pala cge.. haha ^__^ masarap naman e pero speed eating..