Thursday, March 03, 2005

yey! im back

the latest is my trip to Bangkok and the pictures can be found in the gallery. I only have a few pics with backgrounds screaming 'im in bangkok' since i had little interest going to the temples and seeing elephants or cobras perform. I prioritized shopping not for me but for my family and friends... heehee ^^ id love to go back provided that thai's learn to speak english fluently or at least some words or phrases clearly... and next time i'll choose a better hotel. we were lodeged at a common hotel but the location is good enough.

i'll be gone agan for the weekend, it's the lasallian retreat, And *plays psycho soundtrack* during dinner time my mother and sister were saying that my mom went to dlsu and ask the people there about the retreat. psycho was humming along and asking why a recollection should be an overnight stay. to hell with these people, i told them to just call the school and stop pissing me off.

i can't hardly wait for next year when i'm finished with my studies and lalalala... im wishing everything will go well and id be really careful with a lot of things. ^__^
psycho is becoming a psycho again and hellooooo.... their weirdness just pushes me more to do what is restricted and go on hiding just like rebels in the forests, harhar.
i was planning to have a good dinner with them and i wanted to stay in the living room and get some chitchat but oh well, i'll just get frustrated. thank God for my friends and Azrael.