Sunday, July 24, 2005


I barely slept today. Azrael and I slept around 6am already and I was so sleepy but I couldnt sleep. I was about to get some eye shut but I had to call Kats and Marion. My drowsiness disappeared when we exchanged ideas and talked about the progress of our thesis. And then I just had a very lonnnggggg chat with azrael and I asked him such stupid questions and also interesting ones. Hay I cant believe my ears and even though I was getting jealous of his stories I kept on irritating myself by asking more questions about his past. All his escapades makes me want to cry but to hell with that, it was so fun anyway. I just wished I met him years earlier and be able to have him all for myself and get tons of money *kidding*. Its gruesome to think about all those times he was with the others and I was in agony listening to their kilig moments but then again, I loved listening, im so weird. I was sad and enjoying at the same time. Hahaha. I already asked some stuff before and when I get bored I just think of azrael with another girl and get myself furious, and so im not bored anymore. Haha. Now I have more reserves for dull moments and I can imagine azrael doing this and that with another woman. Hahaha. Hay grabe this is the weirdest post ever. I just finished doing some articles and parts for my thesis. Thesis makes me crazy but I love it that we are having progress. Im kinda loving doing the magazine content stuff. Then azrael and I made this puzzle for the *secret* comic magazine, we’re not allowed to mention it as for the competitors might hear. Haha. Ayun. Then now its 3.30 and im gonna call azrael again. Haha. Im so in love today and tomorrow we’re turning 7.