Saturday, July 23, 2005

free day for me

yay, i got a rest day today. thanks to azrael for doing the tasks in my behalf.
i was able to get a decent sleep after a busy day. we're already starting with the survey, thank God. and because of the terrorists and the SONA, there will be no meeting whatsoever on the said day. now i dont knowif thats good or bad, but the good thing is i was able to accomplish some survey forms which i hope are all valid. Kats met with our adviser today and she txtd some scary stuff like the panelists would fail us if there is no allocated budget for the marketing communication progam. hay. i hope all works well with our boss because they are saving money and they dont want to spend a dime.

i was also talking to my big sister about my so-called gameplan in my career if there is. haha. i know all these marketing stuff and i have this bad feeling i wont even use one theory in real life when i get a job. months nalang and im gona march down the graduation aisle, of course its the graduation aisle. then i want to work asap, if thats the case, i gotta fix my job at convergys which is a call center. now where do i use all my intellectual talent in marketing? grahhh... what is important, for me to use my education or earn money? grahhh (second time) *lol* im just excited kaya im fussing about this as early as now.

anyway, im still digesting the salty pizza vincent made for us. it was ok but the after is oohhh super salty. it's like a cooking war zone in my house today, i cant wait what theyll be coming out with for dinner.

byers. ^__^