Friday, July 08, 2005

day 2

sobrang stress ano ba yan... hay i wish talaga matapos na. look dumadami na tagalog words ko sa blog, ahahahaha. nakakabaliw na. i was able to talk to andrea kahapon sa ym, i super miss everybody especially mariel. now that she's in manila, ako naman ung di pwedeng umalis because of school work and stuff. grahhhh. and today im here in the comp lab trying to find a population graph of the country. wala pa din akong kids from 9-16 hay nako. malapit na maging hell ung life ko. no shopping and loads of work. btw, today's the day that i only have 10 bucks for the whole day. i found out i had to buy the application form for my sister liza which costs 500. and i thought i can score the bag today, drat. i was planning to get it on saturday (tomorrow) if i can go out on my own but sadly, i cant anymore because my bag turned into an application form. hayyy. i'll update more later. im exploiting the free net here in dlsu. buh bye and everyone, God bless you all.