Saturday, September 03, 2005

Currently Reading

The books i got from Book Fair Part 2, with my mom and her filthy rich wallet. My sister introduced me to the Summit Books once more, my first was Almost married that i read last year. Now im reading these tiny books in between Citizen Girl. Some errors in grammar irritate mo though but that's for Mr. Write and Tough Love.

This one i read this morning after my ham and egg breakfast. im not yet done with it but Maya Calica sure knows how to write. She was the editor before of Candy Magazine, which i read during my braced teeth days.

The major task i have is to finish this book so i can move on with the rest. it is witty but i think the language is more of European, makes u gasp because the tone and intonation seems to be quiet fast. The story is about a 23 year old looking for work. can relate? so can I.

Anyway, i love all of them and i don't get enough sleep just because im so excited to read the books. I can't wait to start Can You Keep a Secret and Bergdorf Blondes.. weeee..

Books get my mind off things, buti nalang madame pa ko babasahin. i just * not quiet accidentally broke my Samsung* my goodness, i have to get myself a punching bag next time. I ruined the antenna, if you may call it that. grrr...


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mcsister said...

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