Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Hair and Book Fair

Fooled azrael once again, he thought i cut my hair really short when in fact... i lost only 1/4 of my very long curlies. here you can see my new cut. After a hard time waiting in school, Azrael arrived and after all the magic, we ate like hogs. rice never tasted better, especially if its free.

MORE BOOKFAIR PICTURES With Rex Bookstore Mascot, you have no idea how much we love taking pics with the mascots... Azrael has his own pics with these friendly creatures. Then after raiding bookfair, searching for freebies... we went home to check out what we got, not that plenty but he's happy with his FHM magazine that features his ultimate crush and love, Bianca King *ahem ahem* wait till i get my ass in FHM (im in dreamworld)

I don't even know who this Mascot is... when we first caught sight of IT, we ran quickly to get snapshots. We saw storytelling, different nationalities, PSICOM publishing and Azrael bagged a free poster. while I, the girlfriend had to pay for the stuff i get. I fortunately was able to get Azrael donate money to my fund and i got Citizen Girl!!!! yahoo!!!!

And here it is... the book that will spare me the boredom of being unemplyed