Friday, October 28, 2005

M' Back

the place for broken nails and broken hearts.
[6 hours before family pushes me back to boyfriend]

An update. I am still working here, I got UTI, every week I am sick, it sucks. I go out for lunch and make appointments with the patches of heaven near St. Benilde: Fix Salon, Posh Nails, the tiny parlor at UM for my feet, David's Salon, and the great facial/spa salon in Burgundy Tower. That's where my salary goes. It's hard to be in one place all the time. I need gay men and attendants to comfort me while pampering yours truly.

I dream someday i don't have to work because it's so hard to work waking up early and not spending too much time with your family. I almost cry everytime i have to get out of my car hayyyyy. I wish i were Paris Hilton or whoever who doesnt have to work huhuhuhu....

I miss my friends so hello to everybody i hope everybody is fine.