Monday, November 07, 2005

This is the end of vacation and the start of countless working days.

Enjoyed the Seven 7 day vacation though. It was fun, i can't belive i survived the halloween season with just 500 pesos! goodness gracious. I spent 99% of my rest days with my other half and we sat pretty in the living room watching TV, National Geographic specials on spiders and Pinoy Big Brother. We enjoyed cooking, having war with the dance rev, badminton, and the Manila Zoo.

We went there just before work started and it's good we spent time together with our animal friends, when i am depressed at work buried with tons of manila bulletin, i remember our photo ops at the zoo.

I just realized today im so blessed since i enjoyed that vacation no matter how penniless i am as always. We plan to go somewhere else on Saturday so I can daydream of something during work days and get excited over something.