Thursday, November 17, 2005

Me and Sol, a BASAP scholar of DLS-CSB. I was tasked to interview her for my next article and weee I was able to eat for free at CSB Hotel. They have a Merienda Buffet there for only Php 99.00. We started the interview at 2pm, I actually had to walk by foot to CSB Hotel. Good thing we have these roving invisible body guards in CSB. When I walked back to office I even had my personal bodyguard! I felt like some famous person’s daughter. Ahahaha.

I was so stuffed, I ate spaghetti and those cheesecake squares, pizza (a little salty), and more oreo cheesecakes!!! I felt so lucky yesterday. I love it when I get to go out of the office. Our interview turned to chikka and I was back at 5pm so I need not wait and kill more time in the office.

I waited for Azrael, who is ever so late and I enjoyed battering him in the car. I super enjoyed it I was getting too violent already but I love it. Then we watched the last full show of Harry Potter, it was my first ever last full show!!! Finally. Its so funny when you get out of the mall, every store is closed and there’s an eery feel afterwards. HP3 was nice but it was a my notebook... buhay pa din

Finally, I wish today is FRIDAY already!!!!