Monday, November 21, 2005

It's just another MANIC MONDAY

Last night, azrael and I watched "the girl next door" and i believe, it somehow influenced us into making the first day of the week a crazy one. The craziness of it all is worth it and it made me feel free and alive once again (enter drama music). I remember days way back when i was still in school, cutting class and hiding from my driver, turning off the fone as not to be tracked. wow. ahaha.

Tiramisu Haven

Last week, Ms. Kato and Chong (my officemates) brought me to San Juan with them to meet an alumnus. after the trip, we all went to Solomon's Guest House and bought 3 Tiramisus for each of us. Ms. Kato paid for our Tiramisu, God bless her. It was the best tiramisu ive ever tasted. And im so thankful they gave me a break and took me out of the office.