Friday, December 02, 2005

Merry Christmas!!! this is taken from CSB Hotel, we were in there for a photoshoot for the AVP of the hotel. We got tons of food! I ate a full Filipino Breakfast, tea, cake, oreo frappe and when we got back at the office, another cake from Kato's birthday. We also took photos again of the Deck Cafe ran by Deaf Alumni, luckily i got to use my sign language chuvanes skills and we understood each other easily.

photo taken by Annie our student assistant

Eating breakfast and shooting at Cafe de Manille. on the right is Chong enjoying his seafood ala paella. I got tocino, 2 eggs, fried rice, tea, and veggies =)


azrael said...

katawa naman yung mga pose ni chong heheheheh

and..nice earings!!
bakit di ko nakikita yan sa bahay mo hahhahahah