Tuesday, November 29, 2005


thank God for the long weekend, although Friday was tough on us, it was OUR day (azrael and i) we tried to dine at Roof Deck and when we got on top after the long walk to CSB Hotel, it was reserved for some christmas party. so we decided to go to Orchidarium instead and get dinner at Lush Life and something Cafe. The journey to that place was horrible! it almost ruined our celebration but when we got there, it all paid off. we had the place all to ourselves, cozy, quiet, and live music by one of the pianist cum singer. we were so hungry then but the food did not meet my expectations, but still, having the place to ourselves was great and knowing that we finally got away from the stressful day at school and work, and start the long weekend, it gave me a thrill. ahahaha.

a kid being sent to her first day in school, that's what i felt like this morning! gawd i wanted to sleep more and just plan where i will go. it's torture. monday is even more torture. first day to work is always torture. fortunately though, Chong gave me a pair of earrings! and Kato brought me with her to the hotel and i got free lunch once again, i was also given my desired oreo cheesecake. it made me go through the day more easily. Kato and I were talking about weight and stuff, i realized that im starting to get fat im a cow already. my butt has gone BIG, my arms are marshmallowy and im so frustrated already. so when i got home i grabbed my weights and stared throwing

my legs off the air. felt good too :) anyway, christmas is near and my mom is asking for her gift when i barely have money to enjoy. i went to st. francis
square with azrael, and we went to the mall! finally, we have spent countless weekends here at home eating and watching movies. i almost forget what a mall looks like. my favorite sopping mall is Megamall, jologs according to some, and i can see it too many shoppers dont buy anything and when u go up to Glico's there are a bunch of teenagers shouting at each other and acting weird. but still, that's the mall closest to my High school before and my sister and I use to shop there with my mom. We ate at Dulcinea after the long shopping spree in St. Francis . I even got shoes for 100 pesos.

All in all, my long weekend was fine. Hope i can go maximize next weekend again, unwind and be happy : )