Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blast from the Holiday Break!!!! Pictures =p 'till the next vacation

Day 3 of Pyro Olympics. At the carpark of BlueWave. Went there at day 2 and got soaked up in the rain.

Day 2 at the Esplanade. a very long walk to the venue itself and then it rained!!!!

I finally got to wear my knee high socks!!! im standing on the brick wall *scary* one step and ure under the sea.

We ate Shabu Shabu at Hao to warm up. we were wet as in! luckily, we came frm divisoria so i have extra socks and shirts.

Day 4 of Pyro at Krua Thai in Blue wave
Yummy Thai food * __ * we just ate noodles when we were in Bangkok.

I love this photo because im so cute here ; ) with josele and cheska.
Thanx to max factor masacra and lip gloss and dermclinic.

Shopping in mega trade hall, i got a denim blazer for around P300 :) that's RG blurring his way to the scene.

Looks like Egypt but t's just in Star City. We went there with az, mama, liza, ate nene (my cousin) and her two kids
super kulit na jackong iyakin and jm.

With Daddy Az at Komoro Soba in Megamall before watching the last day of Pyro Olympics

....MORE PICTURES in the NEXT post....
hayyy,,,, im still not over the holiday bliss
i miss everything!!!!