Monday, January 09, 2006

How to make 2006 a blast!

- be a backpacker kahit tagaytay lang * *
- try eating as many foreign cuisine as possible
- look up the stars (look how they shine for you nyah)
- hug your boyfriend as many times as possible
- own a pet dog (ung may breed para feel na feel)
- watch a movie or two every month
- create a photo album, as in printed pics in photo paper not online, its more romantic the traditional way
- go out during lunch when at work- so u breath fresh air and get a different ambience after 4 hours of staring on the pc
- change ur hairstyle or get a hair treatment
- be comfortable in your own skin, zit happens!
- wear rubbershoes as much as you can
- go to the beach and bring a mat
- blog blog blog
- buy flowers
- bring toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, to work ahahahaha
- get ur wisdom tooth removed
- be debt free!!! who needs credit card when u have cash
- laugh
- sing in the car
- sing in the toilet
- sing at work
- get as many freebies as possible
- look like an FHM girlfriend of the month
- buy costumes!!! and use them!!!
- hakuna matata *grin*