Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's LUNCH time and where am I???

just outside breathing fresh air! im trying hard not to smoke a cigarette or two just to relax and relieve myself from stress. hay grabe wala lang. wala na talaga kong magawa pero madaming gagawin sa office, labo. hay nako talaga, i can't wait to go home and watch KingKong or kahit anong movie na ok. Nakakainis pa kse last night, pumikit lang ako pag dilat ko e 5.30am na! o diba badtrip talaga. tapos hay nako leche talaga. I just can't wait for that moment where in pwedeng mag U turn and start over, gets?? i have to pay a lot of stuff pa so i have to keep working. ayun. im having a semi-heart attack right now, trying to breath little air in and out, im not kidding, leche mamatay na ba ako ahahaha or sbe ng doctor back in st. paul pasig its just my hormones giving me this heart sensations. ahahaha. hope so.



azrael said...

heart attack?

kaw kasi e.
wag ka na kasi mag smoke
ang kulit mo kasi e