Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go Negosyo, Marie Claire, and new Banner

I got a pic with Ms. Tessa Prieto!!! We were in Market Market for Go Negosyo last Friday amidst all the happenings in Fort Bonifacio, EDA, and Makati. that day i felt so ugly! as in, i really wanted to go home because evryopne had their faces done specially the booth-manners and i went there with no make up, wearing my loose slacks, and my grey nike. goshhhhh.... but its okey because i got this priceless pic :)

I was selling the business degree programs of DLS-CSB, as part of my work. I also got to do paparazzi locomotions when i squeezed myself in amids media photographers to get shots of Manny Villar, Tessa Prieto, and Mar Roxas.

Did everybody enjoy the no class yesterday? I DID!!! it was such a relief because I was supposed to present DLS-CSB to St. Scho students.

ANyway, I was also bored yesterday so I bought the Feb issue of Marie Claire and tomorrow, I hope March issue is on the stands on already.
Marie Claire is more content intensive than Cosmo, I think. Been buying cosmo for several years but i won't replace it. Marie Claire will just add to my magazine list. I havent fully read it since I just got it last night.

BTW, i got a new banner for pinoytopblogs.com and its my humps!!! hope my ASSet will get me to the top :) will post more later..


maimai said...

sis.. mar roxas reminds me so much of him...hehehe...natawa me when I saw this pic.