Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Money Talk, QTV 11 and Acting like a Real Make Up Artist

WEIRD THINGS happen!!! i received this ym message from someone i really dont know asking me to have toot with him, i responded cordially as not to hurt the mentally challenged and this morning, i got an offline message from the same YM ID telling me who the hell am i? hay goodness gracious..

moving on, i finally encashed my salary and said bye to the 50% of it to pay my creditcard debt. uhuh.. its not yet over until now!! when will i be debt free???

moreover, i now commute daily to save gas but i have to shell out more money for some unfortunate and unnecessary reasons.. im just starting work dammit. i dont even have savings.

on the brighter side, i got free lunch from my work! i assisted the production crew of QTV as they shot a segment for a show. i did the cute executive chef's makeup! see im a makeup artist! weee! i made his face brighter and i also got to use MAC blush and Estee Laudeer Transluscent powder care of another student. I'll post pics here soon.

That's it for now. im too tired and messed up to post some more good news. hay money makes the world go round, i wish we can all get it for free.

I really can't concentrate since im very off my budget. i'd start eating lucky me's tomorrow for lunch.

Goodluck to everyone!