Thursday, February 16, 2006

MOVING ON #1: What I want to REALLY BE

Sorry for the multiple posts but i need this I NEED THIS!!! im the type of person who needs to see the plan on a sheet of paper, well a computer monitor also counts.

the plan was (if my boyfriend only loved me as much ) i'll forego all of this, get pregnant and start a happy family.

but... HERE IT IS!! the lifeplan MAKEOVER yiha! i want to be a *drumroll*

makeup ARTIST

since i am not under my mom's money anymore and need to earn on my own.. the plan is i continue my work here in my current office, save something for my tuition for my MAKEUP CLASSES somewhere around 12k for a decent certificate and then i can work as a makeup artist!!! whatdyathink huh? haha i know its not that simple but i wish i can save up for my tuition and the expense of acquiring Shu Uemura and Mercier makeups.

But FIRST>>>

did you know its my freaking birthday tomorrow and i have to go through all this?? huhuhu *tears*

i need to settle my debts :)

that's all i thank you.