Thursday, February 16, 2006


first, i want to say THANK YOU to all those who read my blog and gave me advice.
i won't publish them here anymore because i didnt ask permission from the GT clan.

so we talked last night and he said he didn't do anything wrong. he was just thanking the girl for adding him. should i believe him? part of me does and part of me does not. It's hard to love this much and you get all these bullshit in return.

i was ikay last night buit i woke up today still thinking. i think it'll be like this forveer and i will be tortured by the thoughts of him flirting in the internet, school, work, what have you.

the best lesson is you can never trust anyone that much and the only one you can trust is yourself. so don't give it all away and from now on my life won't run around him anymore but i'll focus on my career, money, and my quest to acquire the pink moto. :)

thank you all! *mwah*