Wednesday, February 15, 2006

womanizing piece of shit

i'll just post my conversation with my guyfriend, here i narrate the situation and he analyzes it. please drop ur comments and help me!!!! thanks in advance mga sis from GT :)

suzaku_lace: question lang...
suzaku_lace: i just need ur advice haha
suzaku_lace: kunwari in ur multiply account... may nag invite sayo tapos girl
suzaku_lace: tapos edi inadd mo diba..
suzaku_lace: pinuntahan mo ung gallery nya sa multiply
akai_tsuki: umm
suzaku_lace: tapos nag comment ka: hi! nice gallery, thanks for adding me
suzaku_lace: tapos ung gallery nya puro pix nya lang ha
akai_tsuki: teka muna anong multiply?
suzaku_lace: as in ung tipong kuha nya sa cellphone camera na iba ibang angles and stuff
suzaku_lace: parang myspace chuvaness
akai_tsuki: amf
suzaku_lace: SO.. ANO IBIG SABIHIN NON.. tapos may girlfriend ka kunwari ha
akai_tsuki: ok, then?
suzaku_lace: i mean ano intentions mo and what were u uthinking
akai_tsuki: parang alam k n kung san ppunta to a
suzaku_lace: i mean bakit ka mag rereply and magcocomment and pupunta pa sa gallery
akai_tsuki: hmm
akai_tsuki: here's what i think
akai_tsuki: babae man o lalaki, unang ttngnan muna ung gallery nung ngadd sa knila
akai_tsuki: y, coz of curiousity
akai_tsuki: first you're wonderin how they got your email add or watever
akai_tsuki: then you'll visit their gallery to see if it's someone you know
akai_tsuki: then give a comment just to start a conversation or watever
akai_tsuki: that's what i think
akai_tsuki: maybe...
suzaku_lace: hmm e bkit ka magstart ng conversation?
akai_tsuki: just to verify if you really know her and if not
akai_tsuki: just to befriend her
akai_tsuki: dunno bout other motives though
suzaku_lace: soooo.... eh diba na verify mo na nga na u dont know her diba..
akai_tsuki: putek ncra n nmn dinadownload k
suzaku_lace: tapos pag nag comment ka ng.. nice gallery ano big sabihin non?
akai_tsuki: anong klaseng pics ba?
akai_tsuki: matanong k lng
suzaku_lace: pics na as in solo... tapos parang kuha sa fone.. ibat ibang pics na pacute
akai_tsuki: me damit, nka undies, wlng dmit, kalokohan, etc?
suzaku_lace: me damet shempre pa sexy...
suzaku_lace: pa cute.. more than pa sexy
suzaku_lace: so??? ano sa tingin mo? diba ibig sabhihn gusto mo landiin
suzaku_lace: pwede mo naman i verify na hindi nagcocomment diba bakit kelangan pa mag comment
akai_tsuki: type m ung gurl
akai_tsuki: the only logical explanation
suzaku_lace: hhaha great!!!
suzaku_lace: so type nung guy ung girl diba
suzaku_lace: as in crush
suzaku_lace: as in kabit diba
akai_tsuki: illogical or wateva
akai_tsuki: in a way
suzaku_lace: pero ikaw ano tingin mo.. gagawin mo ba un kung may gf ka na?
akai_tsuki: hmm
suzaku_lace: dba it only means ure not contented with ur gf
akai_tsuki: nope, why should i


Zilph said...

Hmmm, seems like the both of you need to resolve the issue quickly. Remember that any misunderstanding can be resolved if you talk to each other and keep an open minded point of view.

But then again if the guy is guilty then why will you give him a chance to get back with each other, right?

You'll get through this my friend, this i firmly believe.