Friday, March 10, 2006

spilling it all out

HAY~ is all i can say. im physically and mentally plus emotionally exhausted from everything that is going on. Is it just because of Mars/Mercury Retrograde and the space being cluttered with space dust 9 im a follower of Susan Miller).

If u think im getting thinner, im not on a diet it's because i need money and i am saving. Good thing i get a falt stomach as a bonus from all these sufferings.

If a star was to fall, i wish someone can help us so that Azrael can still go to school, take the finals, and graduate with a big smile.

I am running out of ways to produce money so both of us can travel to the office and school. If i did not love this man so much i could have paid my bills, all of them already.

Im not complaining but just frustrated with a part of our fate. Why do people who want to go to school can't seem to go there easily and be faced with all these obstacles.

Dramatic as it may sound, both of us (i know it) were close to tears yesterday when we realized that we only have enough money for our transpo back home. i know both of us just kept quiet and held our frustrated tears back. we admitted we almost cried last night it was funny though.

for now, im cracking my brains and making it work like a spreadsheet so i can find a way to lend him money so that he can take the finals next week. but its already friday i really don't know what to do.

that's all :P