Monday, March 13, 2006


AZRAEL will take the finals!!!!

however, i have some angst to let go so brace yourself for a long read.

the least i would be and would like to be is KSP kulang sa pansin.

i always try to blend in the neutral disposition of the crowd. NEVER did anyone classify me as a girlfriend with a tama sa ulo or what.

I can't believe how i always manage to investigate behind the faces and smiles some people show on the front.

Im always serious when it comes to relationships specially now im on my 2nd decade of living and therefore, i should have by now concrete plans for the future and who to share it with.

NEVER did i force anybody to be my life partner, in fact, ive asked several times if my partner is in or out.

I have been decreased to an annoying, kulang sa pansin, feeling asawa na girlfriend, damn.

After all the generousity, all the hunger i swallowed, the no shopping for almost half a year, this is what i get.

mind you, i think i should be the one feeling like an ATM machine and more than that, a human credit card.

but i am in love and this is just going nowhere. i dont want to be in deepshit after i post this. just give me this right to write my sentiments or else i'll have another heart attack and im not joking.