Thursday, March 23, 2006

tiny planets and practical lessons

greetings readers! today i am going to write about tiny planets. My niece Anya loves this show so much and she sings the theme by heart. She also taught me the lyrcis of the song! yes she did im not joking. Tiny Planets is an animation for kids shown in Disney Channel. you can check them out at

i had a very weird TRIP today, it started this morning and im very lucky azrael complied to my requests hihi. it would be mean if i post about them here but i learned a very good lesson ahahaha -> im so hot and beautiful

before you start hating me, don't. see, im so weird today and i had a few good laughs this morning.

moreover, been reading posts about cheating and stuff in GT. guys are so mean, cheating and all, and having sex with ex's and other demons. in my part, i want to announce that *drumroll please* my boyfriend is free to choose whichever girl he wants to marry as long as he informs me 30 days before. And so, that makes me free to choose also. ahahahaha

i also learned that its more fun being single (with or without a boyfriend) than being married.. this is just for today ha. my mind might change somewhere in between. its a more prestigious title nowadays, being single and go hop hop wherever you want to. and WE, boys and girls must choose very well and have a FINAL answer if you'd like to tie the knot so that cheating will not happen. don't marry someone you know you are frustrated with.

i asked my boyfriend awhile ago who his favorite ex is and he answered for example A but a few days back he answered B. that is what you call a not FINAL answer and i nearly wacked my head with the keyboard. ahahaha.

that's all, hope u learned even a tiny bit. :)