Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wisdom Tooth, Mars, Dreams, and Ice cream

im still alive! alleluiah after the staggering and traumatic wisdom tooth procedure i had to go through last saturday. i earned 5-6 stitches in my gums, a bloated left cheek, and an ice cream diet for almost two days. hihihi.

i still get weak knees when i remeber that i have stitches in my gums and anytime they can get torn and just imagine... eeew

i was absent yesterday and slept for most of the day. i was able to catch MARS in QTV. i am super kilig with all the scenes of vic and barbie!!! you must schedule to watch even just one episode. it'll make u melt if you're a hopeless romantic crazy girlfriend like me. :)

i have such weird dreams lately most of them with the subject of azrael womanizing and having several love partners! its making me crazy. maybe its all because of the drugs i take. i even saw a demon last saturday night after the operation. ahahahaha.

Going back to after surgery stories, i was able to get the latest copy of MEGA magazine. It's really a fashion mag with no other topics. it's a good reference for fashionistas, but i wish they can put more content. The cover girl is Anne Curtis. I got it for some lessons on make up in line iwth my current ambition hehe. Im getting addicted to magazines already.

i also was able to get my mom buy me BETTER THAN ICECREAM! i missed it super. i remember days when azrael and i used to date all over different malls. i always get myself a pint and finish it all by myself. its super good, really better than ice cream since its made of yoghurt. i havent gotten the time this past few months to get myself a pint because i seldom go to the malls nowadays. ^^

that's all, pray that my gums get well :)