Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crochet Dolls, Tapa King, Boots

im Bad mood today and yesterday. i still am not over DLSU turning down my sister. then today, azrael mr. paparazzi took an ugly photo of my skin shedding face.

anyway, i am excited of the changes i plan to make on my life and uhmm career? ahaha. right now im studying and looking around for ideas i can work with soon and let the creative artistic side of me get its shining moment.

look how cute these toys are. im searching for manufacturers or retailers that has these toys. they are handmade crocheted stuff toys.

also, my quest to be an av idol even their 1/8 equivalent has pushed me to buy this boots. they will arrive in 2-3 weeks! yippee! can't wait to wear them.

Im hungry for Tapsilog right now! There's Tapa King around the corner but it's too early to go there. will go after 1 hour and after i finish this baked macaroni ahaha.