Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DLSU turns down my sister

i spent my lunch time plus 2 hours (a total of 3 hours) waiting in line at DLSU. results of reconsiderations were released today. the line was infinite! it stretched taft ave. and a lot of parents, students, and others were waiting in line.

they should have just posted the results. when i reached the counter the lady checked NOT RECONSIDERED and i automatically turned about and walked out of my alma matter. HMPF!

i waited for 3 hours and my sister who is a very good soul unlike me, was not considered! Now she will study in Lyceum.

im so sad for my sister! i want to burn DLSU to the ground at that moment. i want to vandalise the walls and put the words HMPF on them.

is my karma affecting my sister?! yeah i think so! and it is freaking unfair!



Holocoz said...

why was she not reconsidered?

Agent said...

Hi, I just want to ask kung paano po ba ung reconsideration procedures sa dlsu main? thank you!