Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Week, Day Off, Mall Hopping

<--- The pink mall rats
the best destination this summer? mall! well for me who is broke and no travel money. the mall is airconditioned from 10am to 9pm ahaha. went mall hopping with beasty az yesterday only to experience authentic fatigue from the sun and dust of the city. went to shang then megamall where i experienced a toilet emergency while i was shopping for cute hair
accessories at girl spunk. i intended
to hop to ayala after visiting st. francis square but the emergency forbid me to do so! arggh... my mall tour was definitely a wreck. i did not even catch a glimpse of converse shoes and look at more options.

i am constructing my jpop wardrobe/closet right now in my mind and i can't wait to get money again so i can add more items like a cute sling bad, an original hello kitty watch that i saw in shangrila yesterday, and of course, my hi-cut all original converse shoes!!! approximately, that will cost me around 5k. whew! ahahaha at least i have something to live and work for.

we are planning to hit puerto galera sands on may with my two aunties. i just can't find a decent website with tour packages.