Sunday, April 16, 2006

so long -- vacation, 8 under, and back to work.

that was it? my question for the 4 day vacation i just experienced. no beach, no fun, zero.

cable television sucks, leaving me with nothing to do but linger in the heat wave.

yesterday, was so-so. finally had my face done, finally!!! the doctor was out for two days and i eagerly went to the clinic as soon as i confirmed it was open.

and since i looked like i have vertigo after the session, i hid with internet addict inside the cinema and watched 8 under.

i just realized i hate kids, really. except for my niece ANYA who is exceptional, has breeding, and perfect. kids can't be kept on their seats and are so talkative during the movie. they were noisy, sleazy and just plain argh! disgusting if i might say. i almost killed one when this monster kid sneezed and hit my arm with liquid mucus or something. kadiri talaga.

i could have taken it easily if the parents gave some effort to behave their kids and stop making noise also. parents were so noisy just like the kids. i transferred seats two times. i don't own the cinema, right, but they don't own it too. i wanted to set an explosive and run away.
<-- i made this signage by myself haha.

anyway, im so mean but thats life. nobody is perfect and i hate kids. ahahaha. 8 under, the movie is not so for kids. the plot is for kids but the movie will bore the kids to death so parents, spare the kids and let the older ones watch in peace okay?!

internet addict is getting on my nerves too. you look like a computer monitor already. and who is this guy going gaga over panday and looking for panday wallpapers? hoarding my pc to himself. I.A. spent the vacation looking at the PC monitor. don't you wish you can marry the computer and both of you have a great vacation. hay so much for my vacation.